#SeeSummerBetter in Chicago

 What makes summer in Chicago so great! Sunglasses by Warby Parker

Recently I discovered the Ed Paschke Art Center in Jefferson Park and right outside the gallery there is a mural of one of his paintings and a sculpture created by the Zhou Brothers.

I was so inspired by this combination of art that I decided to create a design and have my wonderful friend Soren better known as @spritesoren on Instagram model for me.

She is famous for posing in front of different types of artwork and cool scenery.

IMG_5959 IMG_6013

“Life is very much about rule breaking, about confrontation. Otherwise history would just stand still. Someone has to come along and break the rules and try, for whatever reason, to go about things in a different way. Even if it is a simple sense of adventure, a sense of exploration. You explore concepts and things that interest you, but you are also exploring inside yourself” ~Ed Paschke

Soren is wearing the  June Sunglasses in Moonstone

Top and Leggings by  Wanda Cobar Costumes 


Another great part about Chicago is walking around and seeing some cool artwork on the street and taking a break to eat a Chicago Style hot dog  😀

IMG_5875  Skin Smooth 1

Skin Smooth 3


Model Ixtlily is wearing Piper in Black and Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise sunglasses

Black an white geometric skirt by WCobar Collection

Black and White Marilyn Monroe Swirl Skirt by WCobar Collection

Loteria Bra Top by Halo Stitch 


Lastly it wouldn’t be summer without taking a trip to the beach and enjoying The City by The Lake

Inspired by Katy Perry’s beach ball costume at the Superbowl halftime performance I designed a His and Hers version.

_MG_4625 _MG_4632 _MG_4652 _MG_4659 _MG_4661 _MG_4673

Beach Ball Costume Photography by: Design Eye Studio 

Model Gabriel is wearing Batten in Jet Silver 

Model Brenda is wearing Neville in Redwood Ash 

Beach Ball costumes by Wanda Cobar Costumes

2 Replies to “#SeeSummerBetter in Chicago”

  1. I am always so in love with your makes. Your ability to have such fun with color and style is so inspiring. That swirl skirt is amazing and I would wear your beach ball skirt and crop top in a heartbeat! Also, wonderful photos!

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