My “Joie de Vivre” 40th Birthday Party

I still can’t believe I turned 40! I swear I feel like it was just yesterday that I was still 27 lol..where did my time go?? Anyways I want to share with you my birthday celebration. I was supposed to be in Paris for my 40th but due to unexpected circumstances I was not able to go so I decided to bring The City of Love to me!

I of course made my own dress with a fabric that I bought about 10 years ago knowing one day I’ll use it and the day finally came! It was perfect! The print sorta reminded me of the walls of Versailles, it is a satin hot pink and gold brocade.
I was able to find some really cute costume jewelry to go with my dress. Some gold rhinestone Star earrings, a gold chain with a big gold heel attached and a letter W rhinestone brooch.


I also got matching no-chip nails done.
So fancy 😉


(The ring finger only got the gold design because my nail girl said she was tired of painting my nails for the last 3 years and not seeing an engagement ring so she said that by decorating that nail I’ll  get proposed to lol..hmmm hasn’t worked yet but very thoughtful of her 🙂

So now for my real fancy dinner party.
The menu consisted of French fries, small sandwiches on French Bread with Grey Poupon mustard, French Vanilla cupcakes by Dzerved Dzerts, Macarons and Pink Moscato Champagne 🍷
It was my first time hosting a dinner party and I am pretty happy with the way my table setting turned out thanks to some ideas I got from Pinterest.






I had a lil fun with my invitations because a fancy dinner party like this requires a fancy invitation.
I found this hot pink dress at the thrift store for like 2 bucks and I decorated it with flowers made from tissue paper. Then I found a bunch of cute fans for my props. I took a photo of myself wearing the dress and with a bit of photoshop I put myself in the halls of Versailles. 😉



Also inspired by the walls of Versailles I created a “Flower Wall” to take pictures in front of when my guests arrived.


And lo and behold my first guest to arrive was Marie Antoinette herself! lol 😄👍 👏 👏



After dinner we went to one of my favorite spots to drink and dance the night away at Barra Ñ where they played “French Kiss” by Lil Louis at midnight cuz that’s when I actually turned 40! A night full of kisses = a perfect night 😘



All in all my birthday party was a success! I had a wonderful time spending it with the people I love in the city I love. Who knows maybe next year I’ll get to go to Paris and find my true love and get engaged.. my nail lady would be so happy!

Until then I look forward to seeing what my 40’s will bring me..Cheers! or as the French say “Tchin Tchin”!



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