Shall We Dance!

In the beginning of 2013 a friend of mine convinced me to take some Salsa lessons..I honestly was not that excited about it because I was not much into Latin dancing but I am so happy I took these classes because now I love it!

I was so inspired by the dance that I decided to open an Etsy shop where I would only sell skirts to wear for Latin dancing.

I recently received an order from a nice lady in California who has her own dance team called “The Joallyn Burlesque Tango Formation Team”

She ordered my red/black hi-low skirt for the ladies in her dance.


The skirts were a hit and went perfectly with her performance and she was nice enough to send me pictures!

They all looked so wonderful! I love it! Thanks so much Joallyn ❤

~The Joallyn Burlesque Tango Formation Team~

icm_fullxfull.62265300_nszm60lt2uook04gsw0o tango1 Tango2 Tango3 Tango4 Tango5 Tango6

4 Replies to “Shall We Dance!”

  1. What fun outfits they made with the skirts! It’s awesome that they sent photos (and such nice looking ones!) Gotta love a happy customer!!!

  2. Lily Lau says:

    Ah, but of course! It’s the perfect skirt for this kind of dances, pure red seduction in the elegant black… 😉

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