Pants for Steven Tyler

In 2001, I  received a phone call from a friend that was lucky enough to travel all over the world with the band Aerosmith as their wardrobe stylist and she asked me to make a pair of pants for Steven Tyler! I was so happy and excited because I loved Aerosmith and I was obsessed with heavy metal in the early 90’s when Headbangers Ball was the best show on MTV.
So I happily accepted..I had one week to create the pants and the pressure to create something cool and awesome was on!
My friend told me to just make them flashy; something that will stand out on stage, well that was easy cuz I love creating standout designs.
So I quickly went thru my stash of fabrics and pulled out any fabrics that were flashy and unique.
I also remembered that I recently created a pageant dress with a very sparkly purplish material so I pulled out the scraps from that.
Once the fabrics were all laid out I just started cutting strips of fabrics and stitching them randomly on the legs of the pants.
The fabric for the pants were made out of a reversible iridescent stretch denim.
I added some pockets from a pair of old corduroy pants and had my very talented and artistic friend Matt sketch a face of a Transformer on one of the pockets and on the other pocket I put in some eyelets and used purple suede cording to lace it up.
The front of the pants seemed too plain so I had my friend Matt sketch up a fish to draw on the front leg of the pants because the strips on the leg of the fabric sorta looked like water so I wanted the fish to look like it was diving into water and on the other leg I added a cool trim that looked like barb wire.

My friend picked up the pants and delivered the pants to Steven Tyler not knowing what was going to happen next…well I got a phone call from her the next day telling me that he “Fucking loved them!” I was so ecstatic!

Here he is wearing the pants
“Fish diving into Water”
Doesn’t he look great!


Here is a better view on what they looked like:




2 Replies to “Pants for Steven Tyler”

  1. Both of these pants are AWESOME! What an incredible experience to sew pants for the stage! (And Steven Tyler in general is just amazing) I hope you get to pass those pants along to him, as I am sure he would be thrilled to wear them!

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