My Blue Velvet Birthday Dress

I am a fan of David Lynch movies and I finally saw his 1986 movie called Blue Velvet for the first time on Netflix.

I loved the song so much that I was inspired to create a blue velvet dress for my birthday this year.

Here is Isabella Rossellini as Dorothy singing in Blue Velvet.

So my first idea for the style of the dress was going to be just a simple strapless sweetheart neck dress but one day I was at the park by my house and spotted this tree!

I loved how the tree was all twisted so it gave me the idea to re-create the twists on the dress. I knew I was going to use stretch velvet because I love everything stretch! and scrunching the material would look great on this type of fabric.

Here is the style inspiration for the dress:

A twisted Tree ❤

11071733_10153387931219974_8816900593632407745_n 11196252_10153388418269974_5929033817095996835_n 11259525_10153388417864974_6264691223621986329_n 11351279_10153388417944974_8683979118702169225_n

My original idea was that I was going to re-create the twists on the bodice and on the skirt, but of course I waited til the last minute to order the fabric and just my luck the fabric turned out to be out of stock just 2 days before my birthday and was refunded my money. I went to 3 different fabric stores and not one of them carried this fabric!

I did however have about half a yard of blue velvet at home in my fabric stash but I really did not think it was even enough to to make this dress so I pretty much gave up on the whole idea and was going to just wear something else. Just a day before my birthday my girlfriend gave me some earrings that she made for me as a gift using gold glitter vinyl to create little Eiffel Towers and I thought that they would look so perfect with the dress especially with the Royal Blue color so I was re-inspired to make the dress.

You can check out more of my girlfriends earrings here


On the morning of my birthday I got up extra early to make my dress but it was going to have to be Project Runway style! lol

With just 2 pattern pieces I was able to manipulate the fabric and cut the dress out with just a half of yard of fabric and I was only able to create the twists on just the front of the bodice. The back bodice I used a different fabric as I only had enough of the velvet for the front bodice and the skirt.

Screenshot_2016-08-12-09-27-31 Snapchat-1724489080820746131 Snapchat-7329265126742508717

My Blue Velvet Dress Completed! What do you think?


Here’s a lil video with Lana Del Rey singing her version of Blue Velvet

Sorry all I have are bathroom selfies 😉


20160809_195258 2016-08-09-19-20-05-023

2 Replies to “My Blue Velvet Birthday Dress”

  1. I love seeing where your inspiration comes from! Beautiful dress- and in such a short time period to make- Tim Gunn would be proud! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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