Chicago Made Marketplace @ Taste of Chicago 2016 – Food and Fashion

I was selected to sell my designs at the Chicago Made Marketplace during the Taste of Chicago in downtown Grant Park – Food and Fashion two of my favorite things!


Snapchat-1161833696741849713 Snapchat-5761975489954265209

I was a vendor for 3 days from 10am-9pm! This was the first time I had to be in a tent for such long hours! Luckily I had one of my closest friends with me to help me out 🙂

She helped me set up the sign display, a small fitting room inside the tent, organize the clothing racks and most importantly do food runs for me!

I think most of my profit went to buying food tickets lol..

20160707_110146 20160707_110358 20160706_112527

Even though it rained the first day early that morning, by 10am the sun had come out and the temperature rose to almost 90 degrees – it was hot!

me and nancy

The weather actually turned out to be pretty nice each day we were there and we somehow missed a thunderstorm that happened further north of the city on the second day.


I really enjoy doing these types of events because I get to see firsthand how people feel about my designs and I received so much positive feedback on this dress in particular that I will now need to make more in all sizes!


One of the highlights at this event was the butterfly that kept coming back to my tent each day I was there! I first noticed her inside my tent when we first arrived and then she just kept coming back to visit me ❤

Another highlight was having the Bud Light Stage next to us so we got to hear some really cool music from local bands such as this one called Gilligan Moss– they are an electronic band from Chicago that has sort of a New Wave dance beat to their sound which I really liked!

Check out this guy he seemed to have really enjoyed dancing to their music too 😀


All in all I had a great time meeting new poeple, talking to my customers, listening to great music and eating delicious food!


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