A Day in Avondale 2015 Wanda Cobar Wearable Art Exhibit

Back in September I had a chance to participate in “A Day in Avondale” event promoting local businesses and artists in the area. I was able to set up a pop-up shop and a small exhibit showcasing my wearable art that goes back almost 20 years!


Welcome to my first wearable art exhibit…come right in and enjoy šŸ˜€


2015-09-26 17.27.08

2015-09-26 13.17.06


2015-09-26 13.18.142015-09-26 13.18.072015-09-26 13.18.35 (1)2015-09-26 13.18.45



2015-09-26 13.18.272015-09-26 17.28.50

2015-09-26 13.19.132015-09-26 13.16.42 2015-09-26 17.31.26 Snapchat-49563447180087881412015-09-26 17.32.12 (1)


Pop- Up Shop

2015-09-26 13.17.00Snapchat-1969158183825548272Snapchat-2622379219889861103-1 (1)

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