Genetically Modified Fashion – Part 1

After reading some articles about GM foods I was inspired to create 2 garments made with man-made materials and fabrics made with natural fibers. I used silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics, packing tape, electrical tape and plastic and no sewing! It was actually sorta nice to take a break from sewing since I just got done sewing over 100 dance costumes for a high school. I got the idea to use packing tape after watching a video on how to make your own dress form but I decided to turn these into dresses. It’s also a great way to get rid of your scraps!

Here are some scraps that I have been saving because I love these colors so much!
Neon Scraps

First I started by placing the packing tape sticky side up onto the dressform
tape dressform

Then I just started sticking the fabric to the the dress form in random places and once I was done placing the fabric to the sticky side I went over it with the tape but this time with the sticky side down “Sealing” the fabric. I used black electrical tape to smooth out the edges sorta like how you would use a binding. I used eyelets and brightly colored shoe lace to close the garment.

Front and Back View:
GMO Front Dress2013-05-04183311_zps141dd92f

What happens next?..A photo shoot of course! with photographer Don Eric

Click the link to view the pics

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