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Gloria I. Rivera
A trained designer and self-taught artist.

Marjorie Marshall Millinery
Marjorie relies on blocking (the act of shaping & molding a raw good on a wooden head form to produce a hat) and flat pattern making in order to produce new & unusual shapes found around the home in order to make hats. The trims she uses on her millinery range from small to large, delicate to bold.

VZuniga Designs
Gemstones, crystals, semi-precious stones and sterling silver are used on her designs. Her inspirations come from mother natures best gifts to us such as the ocean, the colorful springtime’s and the snow white winter days. She strongly believes nature is full of endless inspirations.

Design Eye Studio
I enjoy shooting with both digital and film. They equally have their pros and cons and I just find it a delight to capture that special moment. Although I may photograph many bands, that hasn’t stopped me from shooting other things that I find interesting on a daily basis, from people to random macro shots and strange lighting found on the streets. I prefer to keep my developing pretty simple but I will occasionally add another layer to make a certain photo POP.

Eddo Photography
Telling stories is what I enjoy the most, and I do it best behind the lens. Whether it’s a newborn child or professional dancer in movement, everyone has something to share. Your story is unique, and I want to capture it for a lifetime.

CALM Skin Care
CALM’s Natural Eco-Friendly Skin Care features skincare, bath/body and mineral makeup for all skin types. We are eco-friendly because we feature REUSABLE PACKAGING and REFILLS for many products. There’s no reason to order another container when you can order a refill, save $$ and the planet.

Ester Talks Green
Chronicles from a green clothing designer/ fanciful seamstress & her tiny sustainable atelier in Italy.
My name’s Ester and i’m a green fashion designer.
I cannot really pinpoint the exact time when I knew I wanted to be a green fashion designer /dressmaker.Looking back, I see now that surely, crafting and using of my creativity was always a part of my life.

JP Photography TM
Established in 2012
The idea of launching his very own photography business was inspired during his short tenure in New York City. While observing many freelance photographers about the city, he came to realize they were not just snapping pictures, but capturing life happening at that very moment.



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